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ROQ Rehargeable Mini Portable 360 Degree Rotatable Clip Fan Mini USB Portable Fan - with Rechargeable Battery, Stroller Clip on Table Fans, Speed Adjustable, 360 Degrees Rotate and Quietness Best quality Feature: 1. The laptop fan was super quiet. 2. Solid structure, stable and reliable. 3. Angle Adjustable: 360 degrees without dead ends. 4. Powerful by battery or USB, A variety of power supply. 5. Perfect for baby care in summer, as the DC safety power and soft wind. 6. Portable clip to anywhere, and you can also use simply on the fan's holder base. 7. be free to turn down or turn up air volume with the step less speed technology. 8. Rechargeable battery 18650 2200mAh included. It can use about 2-6 hours by different speed modes. 9. Speed Adjustable: You can adjust the speed from low to high as your will by using the switch on the back of the portable mini fan. 10. You can also use the USB desk fans no matter at home, walking in the park, traveling outdoors, studying in the school, and working in office. For more info visit us at
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