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ROQ Mini Fragrance USB Air Conditioner Mini Fragrance Air conditioner Cooling Fan is made of durable hard plastic material, and powered by 3 AA batteries and USB cable to provide strong wind with low power consumption.Besides, you also can add ice or ice water into the storage box to provide freezing air to let you say goodbye to hot wind With desktop design and easy to use, it is a wonderful mini air-conditioning fragrance fan for choice.Power type: 3 X AA Batteries (not included) or USB Cable (Included) .You can add scent beads and 50ml water into the storage box inside the fan, to give off fragrance. Easy to use: put the soaked sponge into the cooler body, insert batteries or connect USB port, and starts working. Operating modes: mode and cooling fan and fan (take the sponge away when you do not need the cooling function). Power Options: 3 AA batteries, USB port and power adaptor. (Battery not included) 80 degree control vertical airflow for optimal wind blowing Cute and lightweight, easy to carry.. For more info visit us at
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